By Charles H. Dean DDS
November 04, 2013
Category: Oral Health
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fairborn OH cosmetic dentistSofia Vergara is comedy gold on the show Modern Family, which is in its fifth season. Audiences love her accent, knack for comedy and infectious smile. Vergara always flashes a set of pearly whites. Why wouldn’t she have a perfect smile? She went to school to become a dentist. 
While still living in Colombia, Vergara pursued her dental degree, but she found herself leaning more towards acting. With only two semesters left, the Modern Family star left school to pursue a career in television, as a TV host. Although she found her true passion in acting, Vergara strongly promotes oral health.
“My son thinks I’m crazy because I make him do a cleaning every three months. I try to bribe the dentist to make him to do it sooner!” Vergara told People magazine.
We know Sofia Vergara isn’t crazy. Proper oral hygiene is the key to a happy, healthy mouth. Regular checkups at the dentist office helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Your Fairborn cosmetic dentist offers professional teeth cleaning and cosmetic dentistry services. You can get teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and dental implants in Fairborn.  Leave your dentistry needs to us. We can create an infectious smile, just like Sofia Vergara’s dazzling grin.


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