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November 29, 2011
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The holidays are filled with family, friends, and most importantly – food. Eating and enjoying wine during the holidays can bring your smile to an unsightly shade of Pinot Noir, but if you follow these easy tips around the holidays, your smile can stay as bright as your spirits.

Foods to look for during the holidays:

  • Foods that require a lot of chewing, meaning fibrous foods like apples, celery, and carrots, will whiten teeth because they naturally remove stains on teeth. They act as natural exfoliants.
  • Greens such as spinach, broccoli, and lettuce prevent staining because when chewed they create a film over teeth that acts as a barrier. This biofilm prevents stain molecules from adhering to the teeth.
  • With your glass of wine, coffee, or egg nog – keep a glass of water nearby. After every few sips, take some water and swish it around your mouth. That will help keep the staining pigments from lingering.

Even amidst all the holiday cheer, don’t forget the following tips.

  • Whenever possible, brush your teeth soon after a meal if any of its components can stain. Think about food in terms of a white shirt – if what you have eaten will stain your white shirt, it will stain your teeth.
  • Give extra attention to the areas between your teeth; that’s where stains tend to secure themselves and build up over time. The best way to do this is to floss every day, making a "C" shape around each tooth as the floss moves between each contact and moves under the gum. This removes the plaque and the stain molecules at the same time.
  •  Never skip bedtime brushing after a staining meal. You’ve already allowed ample time for the pigments to make themselves at home. Waiting until the next morning is as good as putting a finishing top coat over the stains.


-Written by Jonathan Levine on Dr. Oz website


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